Fifteen nations have joined apfpm as Member Associations (MAs). The table below lists specific organizations which represent their respective nations.  

Participating organisations

MA Country Association
AIPM Australia Australian Institute of Project Management
PMAC Canada Project Management Association of Canada
PMRC China Project Management of Research Committee
CCDP Chile Corporación Chilena de Dirección de Proyectos
HKIPM Hong Kong Hong Kong Institute of Project Management
PMAI India Project Management Associates
IAMPI Indonesia Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia
PMAJ Japan Project Management Association of Japan
CMAK Korea Construction Management Association of Korea
AMIP Mexico Associacion Mexicana de Ingenieria de Proyectos
PMAN Nepal Project Management Association of Nepal
PROMAP Philippines Project Management Accreditation of the Philippines
APDP Peru Association Peruana de Direccion de Proyectos
SPM Singapore Society of Project Managers
ASAPM USA American Society for the Advancement of Project Management

 If you wish to contact the MAs, you may click on the General Inquiry tab and select a specific country. If you wish to contact committee chairs, follow this link for contact information. If you wish to view the list with MAs' logos, please, click here.

General enquiries about the apfpm can be directed to

Please select specific MA from the pull-down menu that you would like to write to and make sure you enter a correct and valid email address so that we can get back to you with our response. Thank you.





President - Bill Young <> Tel: +61 409337718 Skype: bill.young11

Secretary - Trevor Alex <> Tel: +61 403021133 Skype: trevoralex01

Current Committees:

Committee Leaders Contact Details Team
Governance development Bill Young Ray Abe, Yvonne Butler, Rahayu Arifin, Francis Chan, Trevor Alex
Committee on Asia Pacific Alliances Adesh Jain Rahayu Arifin, Hari Suparto, Bill Young
Membership Rahayu Arifin Trevor Alex, Prabesh Aryal, Francis Chan, Bill Young
Website development Prabesh Aryal Tikajit Rai, Trevor Alex
Standards development  David Hudson Adi Prasetyo, Prabesh Aryal
Achievement Awards Alan Tupicoff Rahayu Arifin, Prabesh Aryal